sea.well’s “Claw Machine” for Optimism 🔴

Claw Machine is a photorealistic 3D animation created by sea.well for Optimism's "We ♡ the Art" contest.


Sea.well, a U.S. based artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma, discovered his passion while experimenting with Photoshop at 9 years old. After moving from Michigan to the Bible Belt during grade school, he attended a university for general education, then decided to drop out and focus on art. Today you will find him creating 3D models, animations, digital paintings, installations, and sculptures.

Since 2020, the artist’s success has been well documented on the Ethereum blockchain, impressing pieces into many of digital art’s prominent present-day collections. His work often references Earth’s precious natural resources, such as land and water. Sea.well’s approach is rooted in the belief that people, with help of technology, have the ability to improve upon our symbiosis with nature.

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